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We are a network of professionals offering high level skill and experience in facilitating planning, design and development... but with a real difference!

The difference is that we are committed to collaborative working, especially with local communities. We work for local authorities, communities, developers and voluntary bodies, focusing always on bringing all parties together, enabling truly sustainable solutions to emerge.




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Ben Hamilton-Baillie

Ben is founder of Hamilton-Baillie Associates in Bristol, specializing in street design and traffic in towns. He is the UK’s leading exponent of shared space principles, seeking ways to better integrate traffic into cities, towns and villages. He was lead designer for the regeneration of Poynton in Cheshire, and author of Traffic in Villages: A toolkit for communities.
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Daniel Black

My focus is the future proofing of urban settlements. I am fascinated by the systems that support human habitats: food, water, energy, transport, waste. My specialisms are assessment methods, climate change mitigation/adaptation and stakeholder engagement. I have extensive first hand experience of the commercial constraints of those responsible for delivery of urban environments. I mediate between the various interests involved.
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David Parkes

As a chartered surveyor and investment director at DTZ, property development and project management has been my professional background but today my interest is in shaping places; offering advice on major projects and Neighbourhood Planning to housing associations, local authorities and community groups. I recently founded Community Juice to focus on developing sustainable housing schemes through group self-build.
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Geoff Haslam

Geoff is a skilled and experienced Project Manager. A qualified architect, he has spent much of his career assisting communities to realise projects. From funding advice to choosing an architect and keeping the project on track, Geoff can assist throughout the process. He has been responsible for converting chapels in the Welsh valleys into community enterprise projects, for re-planning traffic layouts in villages, for building new schools and even an off-grid sailing centre.
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Hugh Nettelfield

In 1984, Hugh founded Quattro Design, a Bristol based architectural practice committed to providing community benefit; he specialised in developing community projects at the centre of regeneration schemes and has always been firmly rooted in a passion for community engagement and sustainability. In 2011, Hugh left Quattro to build on his independent consultancy providing support to community clients.
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Ian Collinson

Ian Collinson provides independent planning consultancy services to councils, landowners, developers and local people who want to work together to deliver better places and sustainable communities. Using his vast experience of operating the planning system Ian assists clients to achieve high quality development through positive planning processes and collaboration. A talented and creative professional Ian is committed to finding innovative solutions to unblock planning obstacles.
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Jeff Bishop

Jeff (now a member of Place Studio) specialises in community engagement and collaborative working on projects large and small, private, public and voluntary; most recently with an emphasis on Neighbourhood Plans. He has a national reputation on all these areas of work and many of his projects have been quoted by government and others as 'models of good practice'.
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Julian Mellor

Julian has been working with community and resident groups for over 20 years, helping them realise their aspirations. He has a strong grounding in property development having previously worked as a surveyor and planner. Julian is currently working with two Big Local areas helping residents manage £1m grant funds, and with two communities in Bristol that are aiming to deliver major development programmes.
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Katie Lea

Katie is an urban and landscape designer and CABE trained facilitator with the commitment and experience to embed inclusive and accessible engagement into the design process. Her engagement experience spans working with children and young people in schools and working with communities, professionals and stakeholders in major participatory design processes in some of the south west’s most ambitious and sensitive regeneration projects.
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Louisa Philpott

Louisa has an MSc in Architecture and Environment and 17 years experience in Sustainable Urban Design. She practices masterplanning, architecture, planning and consultation. She is developing new models to engage communities in sustainable design and ‘planning for resilience’ adapting to climate change. She is a Design Council CABE Built Environment Expert trained in Building for Life and Active By Design.
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Steve Briggs

Steve is a Chartered Town Planner with planning experience spanning more than 30 years. He is a skilled negotiator and consensus builder who confidently assumes the role of facilitator and mediator and has extensive experience of finding appropriate and sustainable development solutions. He has many years experience in community engagement and has worked directly with developers, local councils, stakeholders and local communities in crafting and honing development proposals.
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Vaughn Thompson

Vaughan is a place-maker with more than 25 years experience in the public and private sector. He is a founding Director of Place Studio Ltd, a town planning, urban design and landscape practice that specialises in an award wining collaborative approach to making successful places and spaces. He is also lecturer in planning and landscape at The University of Gloucestershire.
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Maria Bailey

Maria Bailey has over 20 years of experience in planning and community development. Maria was the Community Planning Manager at Torridge District Council, but has now moved on to run her own planning consultancy business. Maria understands the potential of collaboration and joint working between public and private sectors and local communities and the fantastic benefits that these can bring in making good things happen at the local level.
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